"net -d 10" does not work anymore

Kamen Mazdrashki kamenim at samba.org
Sat Nov 20 13:45:37 MST 2010

Hi Volker,

I am not familiar with s3-net utility, but we had similar problem with
the s4-net
utility (aka samba-tool now).
The problem was, that during self-provisioning we are using a python code
that loads smb.conf on its behalf and thus squashing current 'debug level'.
Actually the problem still persist in a bunch of places and it is because
we set global DEBUG_LEVEL when handling 'debug level' LoadParm
Most probably you are hitting the same issue.

I hope that helps (although not fixing the problem) :)


On Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 12:07, Volker Lendecke
<Volker.Lendecke at sernet.de> wrote:
> Hi, Andrew!
> In my smb.conf I've got "debug level = 1". I want to
> explicitly set debug level 10 on the command line for the
> net rpc join, because something failed. The last thing I get
> is:
> bin/net rpc join -Uadministrator%pwd -d 10
> ...
> <debuglevel 10 output>
> ...
> Substituting charset 'UTF-8' for LOCALE
> doing parameter debug level = 1
> rpc command function failed! (NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED)
> Joined domain SAMBA.
> Is it possible that this has to do with latest changes that
> have gone in for the debug system?
> Thanks,
> Volker

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