wintest for testing Samba against windows

tridge at tridge at
Sat Nov 20 03:39:28 MST 2010

Hi Sam,

 > I've done some work testing windows against samba servers.

yep, you're was the most extensive we've seen to date, but
unfortunately we didn't get it to the stage that it was run regularly
by Samba developers. I'm hoping this new effort will be something that
quite a few developers run as part of their normal development process.

 > I found that a cygwin ssh (and I guess windows telnet) client session 
 > didn't and couldn't share the same mapped drives as a logged in windows 
 > session for the same user.

right, and I get the same thing with telnet. It hasn't been a problem
so far as I haven't been trying to run GUI commands. I've mostly been
concentrating on the domain operations (dcpromo, repadmin etc) that
are so important for Samba4.

 > Another similar approach that I've used is a daemon (maybe python) that 
 > gets launched as part of the login script that then listens for commands.
 > (You can login with rdp entirely on the command line and have the login 
 > script launch the daemon to take it from there).

do you mean by using the -s switch to rdesktop? I haven't had any luck
making that work. 

 > For controlling explorer.exe or notepad to do tests, I used a patched 
 > Win32::Test from perl to send window messages and select menu choices, 
 > press buttons, etc.

I tried something similar last year, but never found it reliable
enough.  I might look into that again in the future, but for now I've
found that we can cover a pretty large part of the functionality of
Samba4 using telnet and remote admin tools. Controlling windows GUI
apps would be great, but only if it was very reliable!

Cheers, Tridge

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