Samba on shares with XFS and kernel 2.6.18

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Fri Nov 19 02:25:50 MST 2010

Am 19.11.2010 09:37, schrieb Janek Walkenhorst:
> Am 2010-11-19 06:16:38 schrieb Stefan Gohmann:
>> Am Mittwoch 17 November 2010 schrieb Björn Jacke:
>>> but doing that correct would be a bit tricky. In
>>> vfswrap_fs_capabilities() we also need to know that utimensat() doesn't
>>> work to initialize p_ts_res correctly. A test utimensat() call would
>>> actually be required to set p_ts_res right, too. POSIX does not even
>>> mention that this call may fail with ENOSYS.
>>> I would prefer that people with utimensat resulting in ENOSYS should get
>>> a big warning in the log files: "never us a glibc which is much more
>>> recent than your kernel." This is a well known problem of Debian systems
>>> with a way too old XEN kernel. Old kernels with new glibc are not
>>> supported by their maintainers. People should just not do this - the lack
>>> of utimensat() is just the most obvious place of brokenness, I guess
>>> there are more, more subtle brokennesses waiting to be discovered.
>> You are right, the results are not known if the kernel is too old for the
>> glibc. Janek will create a new patch which adds the warning and he will
>> also check vfswrap_fs_capabilities. I think this would be the best.
> This is the patch with the check in vfswrap_fs_capabilities and a log message 
> added.

I'm not sure how often vfswrap_fs_capabilities() gets called, maybe we
remember that we printed the warning already, otherwise will fill the logs.


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