ldap_syntaxes.py tests

Anatoliy Atanasov anatoliy.atanasov at postpath.com
Thu Nov 18 15:32:07 MST 2010

Hi Andrew,

There is a curious problem with ldap_syntaxes.py, when i run the test against windows it passes.

When i run it against the sam.ldb file i got different error than expected when adding object with wrong format value (dsdb/tests/python/ldap_syntaxes.py:250, 343): ERR_INVALID_ATTRIBUTE_SYNTAX != ERR_INVALID_DN_SYNTAX

When i run it against samba4 ldap server the test case can't find the object using the attribute=value(dsdb/tests/python/ldap_syntaxes.py:242 and 336) as filter but when i break the test before that search i can find the object using ldbsearch and that filter. The ldap server receives the same input in both cases i double checked that with wireshark and gdb but the result is different.

Regards, Anatoliy

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