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allaboutmike mike at
Thu Nov 18 05:35:44 MST 2010

I keep reading people's advice to back up my config before considering
upgrades or such. Great advice: but for the life of me, I can't find any
instructions on what to back up. 
Is there a definitive list of files, folders or whatever that I need to take
a complete copy of my Samba4 setup? Also, can I just copy these things or do
I need to do some sort of dump and then do a restore?
I have made a bit of a mess of trying to copy a configuration from one
(dying) machine to another. It kind of works, but permissions are broken. I
can set it up again from scratch, but it will be a pain (passwords,
profiles, groups, rejoining the client machines, arrgh!). I'd really like to
get the same domain up again on a new install. Samba3 was so simple in this
regard that I thought I'd be able to do it easily. Obviously there is more
to a Samba4 config, but I hope I'm right in assuming that it will all work
out if I can copy the right things.
Please tell me it's true and what those things are, or point me to where I
should have found them before.

P.S. I love Samba and I have it on 7 out of my biggest 10 clients' sites
(Mostly still S3). I look forward to Samba4 being on all 10!
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