Samba 4 compiling error

Hannu Tikka hannu.tikka at
Wed Nov 17 23:58:55 MST 2010

I have tried git clean -x -f -d and also pulling a fresh git repo.
Those didn't work
But then I tried different configure commands:
./configure and ./configure.nodebug.developer doesn't work
./configure.developer works ok


> On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 09:27:10AM -0500, Charles Tryon wrote:
>> I'm updating and building from the git repository on a semi-regular
>> basis.
>>  Something I've noticed is that from time to time, I've had to blow away
>> my
>> git repository and pull it again fresh from the server.  It seems like
>> there
>> have been times when something changes and it doesn't get properly
>> cleaned
>> up.
>> Of course, this is clumsy if you are actually trying to make source
>> changes
>> and log patches, but for me, it's just another script to re-run.
> Try going to the top level directory and running
> git clean -x -f -d
> Always does it for me (and saves pulling again :-).
> Jeremy.

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