New Samba4 admin tool

brendan powers brendan0powers at
Mon Nov 15 13:56:47 MST 2010

For the past year the company I work for, Resara, has been developing
a powerful admin tool for samba4.  I am please to announce that we are
releasing the first alpha of this software today!

The tool is designed with the idea that the Active Directory tools
from Microsoft ( and Microsoft Small Business Server in particular)
are not well suited for small networks. We have tried to create a
piece of software that allows an end user to easily set up and
configure an AD domain suitable for a small business or nonprofit. I
think we have made a great first step in accomplishing this goal.

At the moment the tool is capable of:
* Provisioning samba4, bind9, and dhcpd
* Administering users, groups, and computers
* Create shares, and set permissions
* Auto-generate login scripts for mapping drives

The tool is completely open source, and you can download a VM or
Ubuntu packages. There are also client binaries available for Windows
and Linux. You can get more details at

Also, you may want to watch a short demo video.

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