A successful Samba 4 deployment

Mark Rutherford mark at lowcountrybilling.com
Tue Nov 9 09:00:34 MST 2010

We have been running for almost 2 weeks now without any major problems.
All the problems I have encountered have been minor and fixed fairly 

We have 1 Samba 4 running as a domain controller With 3 more Samba 3.5.6 
file/print servers
joined to it. (winbind, etc) and just under 40 Windows 7/XP clients.
The samba 3 machines are doing all of the heavy lifting and are quite happy.
What can I say - 'it just works'.
We migrated users with the 'myldap-pub.py' script but machines had to be 
'joined' again :(

Some headaches still exist such as:
First issue (probably on everyone's mind) - DNS.... this has been a BIG 
I have found some really creative ways to upset it.
Not only could I never get clients to update the zones but our 
nameserver is on a totally different machine with
several zones in views - this appears to confuse the windows clients and 
they put an entry in the event log about it.
I even compiled Bind 9 from the latest source and never got it to 
work.... Samba could update the zone just not clients.
Right now I 'get around it' because the DHCP server updates the zones 
just fine.
That opens up a question that I have: do you have to run Bind on the 
same machine that Samba 4 is running on or can
I somehow get it to update an external server?
Right now it complains that it can't connect to the server running locally.

The second issue has been time on clients.
I have ntpd running on the DC but windows clients just throw event logs 
about not being able to get time from the domain controller for the
last 8 times, etc etc.
I have read some places that Windows uses sntp instead of ntp so I am 
not really sure about what I should be doing.
Running 'net time /set /y' seems to work - it contacts the domain 
controller and gets the time.

Otherwise everything works!
If anyone has some suggestions about DNS and time, that would be great.
You guys sure Samba 4 is alpha? It's not that hard to get working. <g>
I appreciate all of your hard work in making this a reality.

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