PANIC: internal error when deleting users

Gianni L slowsin at
Tue Nov 9 02:33:50 MST 2010

I compiled and installed samba4.0.0alpha13 following a centos/Fedora howto.
I tested it for some time then I decided to export a subtree of my
production AD server with about 700 entries and to import it to the samba
I used ldifde for the export/import operation and the import to the samba
directory seemed to be a success(it doesn't gave any errors).
After this on my oppinion succesfully test I wanted to delete the whole
subtree from the samba directory with the dsa.msc from a WinXP client.
But the samba proccess crashed during the delete operation.
now everytime I try to delete a user samba crashed again.
attached there is the stacktrace reported by samba.
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