./samba-tool vampire broken?

Magnus Benngård magnus.b at inputinterior.se
Wed Nov 3 03:56:16 MDT 2010

Have a “master” box, dc.inputinterior.se up and running.
Did setup a new box sto-dc.sto.inputinterior.se either on Oktober 30 or 31 with git clone git://git.samba.org/samba.git samba-master and
Did all the normal dns stuff and then, ./samba-tool vampire inputinterior.se -Uadministrator --realm=inputinterior.se started samba, np.
Created some users on dc.inputinterior.se, ofc they “showed up” on sto-dc.sto.inputinterior.se after some minutes.

It worked so well so i did setup a third box, hel-dc.hel.inputinterior.se today, same build procedure but when i did:
./samba-tool vampire inputinterior.se -Uadministrator --realm=inputinterior.se
Password for [INPUTINTERIOR.SE\administrator]:

Ofc i could have done something different, but is it possible that there have been some code changes the last days?
Or can any give me an idea where I should look for config/build faults?


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