[Samba] Active directory in Ubuntu

Matthieu Patou mat at samba.org
Mon Nov 1 03:05:33 MDT 2010

>> I itching to be able to finally not use any Microsoft based software on the
>> servers. The Windows 2000 AD just serves logon scripts, group policies and
>> printing. It is safe to assume that all these are available with the latest
>> alpha?
> I think the best practice at the moment is to use e.g. a Samba 3
> member server for file and print.  I am using Samba only for
> authentication, though, so haven't tried it one way or the other.
You can on the same machine, install a samba4 and a samba3, samba4 will 
take care of the AD stuff + GPO + login script, and samba3 for printing.

I have such kind of setup working for quite a long time now.


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