CN=GivenName Initals. Surname vs CN=username when new account is created

Michael Ströder michael at
Sat May 29 06:15:08 MDT 2010

Lukasz Zalewski wrote:
> It seems like newuser creates an account with CN=username,<domain>
> By playing with AD's mmc Users and Computer i have noticed that the
> account is created using:
> CN=GivenName Initals. Surname
> where at lest one of the above three has to be defined

Strictly speaking the CN contains what the client sends. IIRC in the MMC you
can also independently set what's in the CN. If you don't enter a value
explicitly the default value is composed as you describe it. But I have
customers who put the username in the CN in their AD domains (which I consider
good practice to avoid name clashes).

=> there should be all possibilities feasible

Ciao, Michael.

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