samba4-alpha12 feedback on OpenChange vs latest git rev

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Sat May 29 03:45:25 MDT 2010

Am 29.05.2010 11:29, schrieb Julien Kerihuel:
> Hi List,
> Just a small feedback on building openchange vs latest samba4 git rev
> using the waf build system so you know what is going wrong prior alpha12
> is released:
> 1. installed pc files:
> pkgconfig files have the wrong library nmae defined in Libs. For example
> for the NDR package, we have: "Libs: -L${libdir} -lndr" while "-L
> ${libdir} -lLIBNDR-samba4" is expected.
> 2. installed libraries:
> .so.0 and .so.0.0.1 are created but .so file (symlink) is missing. I had
> to create them manually.
> 3. gen_ndr and pidl headers:
> Header files generated by pidl still have local includes path. For
> example gen_ndr/lsa.h still have references to includes.h,
> gen_ndr/security.h still have libcli/*.

We just install the wrong files, gen_ndr/security.h isn't
but it's libcli/security/security.h.

We have more of those bugs...


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