Partial s3 waf build in master

Kai Blin kai at
Thu May 20 14:42:20 MDT 2010

Hi folks,

as Andrew Bartlett is using parts of my waf work for his s3compat
branch, I felt it was easier if he could get at it from the master tree
instead of having to deal with my waf-test branch lagging behind his
tree and having to cherry-pick over a lot of patches.

That said, the s3 waf build successfully builds a couple (!) of
binaries, when you switch off most of the features in the configure
stage. This is due to a lot of configure tests still missing. For this
reason, I didn't add an ./ style wrapper to make using the
waf build easier. The waf build is still very much work in progress.
However, it doesn't touch any of the source files, so it shouldn't cause
problems for anybody.

If you feel brave and want to run the build, I suggest running waf
configure with the following options:

waf configure -C --enable-developer --disable-cups --without-ads
--without-krb5 --disable-merged-build --without-pam --without-quotas
--without-sys-quotas --without-sendfile-support --without-utmp
--disable-pthreadpool --without-winbind

Some of these options don't actually do anything useful yet, I just
implemented stubs for those as I build with the old build system using
the same options.


Kai Blin
Worldforge developer
Wine developer
Samba team member

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