How do I read TDB memory leak report?

Zahari Zahariev zahari.zahariev at
Sun May 16 02:55:30 MDT 2010

Hello Andrew & Samba4,

I am trying to pour in a number of attributes/classes in the Schema (about
1000 objects). It is part of Exchange preparation procedure. I have been
able to do this (about 4-5 months ago) using LDAP connection to the Samba4
server (not directly in sam.ldb file). However now this is not possible
because the Samba process memory sky rockers and the OS kills it after the
virtual machine has run out of memory and swap.

I made the following experiment:

a) I used direct import with source4/bin/ldbadd into SAM.LDB file andy they
went pretty fast all the way through (about 1000 attribute objects).

b) I have isolated a small fragment of all objects (about 90) and did a test
run importing them with source4/bin/ldbadd via LDAP connection. Monitoring
the process memory consumption (with top utility). It had started as low as
96MB and before finish it was already 240MB.

When running the tests I did them with "--leak-report-full" option and the
reports are attached. Can you tell me how to read them and is there
something suspicious especially in the LDAP one (ldap_full-leak-report).

Thank you!
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