Patches for DFS implementation

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer mdw at
Thu May 13 14:57:03 MDT 2010

Hi ekacnet,

the patches do look very nice overall.

But I've noticed some small non-tragic issues. First the counter types:
> +			for(j=0; j<  set[i]->count; j++) {
"set[i]->count" is of type "uint32_t" therefore also "j" should be of 
(and not "int") - please change that kind of inattention mistakes.

Or also:
> for (i=0; i<=num_domain; i++) {
You've defined "i" as unsigned but "num_domains" as signed (was there a 
special reason?).

Well, and then please agree to use the tab indentation on all places:
> +	/* Flags will be used later to indicate things like least-expensive or same-site options*/
> +        const char *attrs_none[] = { NULL };
> +        const char *attrs3[] = { "name", NULL };
> +        struct ldb_dn *configdn, *sitedn, *dn, *sitescontainerdn;
> +	struct ldb_result *r;
> +	struct ldb_message_element *el;
> +	struct dc_set **set_list;
> +	unsigned int i;
^^^ since the mix of both does really look bad.


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