libsmbclient size too big for embedded

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Thu May 13 12:56:06 MDT 2010

A few years ago, when I wrote my first CIFS book, I started a small
side-project with the goal of building a compact CIFS client library in C.
I did not get very far, unfortunately, before other pressures redirected my
attention and energies.  The NBT piece is fairly complete, but that's the
only part that I finished (it was easy).  See for
the remains and cobwebs.  It's LGPL code.

Right now, I am in the first month of a one-year exile from writing any CIFS
code (see
for the reason).  It's annoying but necessary.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Chris -)-----

Barry Sia wrote:
> Unfortunately, my environment limits me to C/C++.  So I need to use
> libsmbclient.
> jCIFS size is tiny though in comparison.  
> I suspect I can trim a lot of stuff from libsmbclient.  I'm just not
> sure where to start, and which part is the largest.
> Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
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> Have you tried jCIFS?

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