[PATCH] Enhancements to the 'ldapcmp' tool

Zahari Zahariev zahari.zahariev at gmail.com
Mon May 10 05:15:24 MDT 2010

Hello list,

This is more updated patch that includes the previous plus some more
improvements I finished before Nadya's talk on the second day.

On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 2:16 PM, Zahari Zahariev <
zahari.zahariev at postpath.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> * What is it?
> This is my latest improvements to the already committed in Samba4 LDAP
> comparison tool that is meant to be used for testing LDAP replicating DCs no
> matter if they are Samba4, Windows AD or mixed. However it had the capacity
> to compare attributed of objects in DCs which are in different domains.
> * What are the restrictions?
> 1. It works only via LDAP (for now) so you must have LDAP servers that are
> up and accessible at port 389. This will be improved by having it connect to
> Ldb file or export/use LDIF file instead of live LDAP connection.
> 2. It compares values of attributes of objects returned only by wild-card
> search so no hidden attributes are processed.
> 3. There are certain amount of attributes being ignored explicitly in the
> script source that have always different values on corresponding objects in
> two separate DCs. This will be improved by additional switch for including
> all attributes no matter which they are and reporting excluded by default.
> * How to use?
> 1. Compare all attributes for all objects in the Default Naming Context:
> # ./scripting/devel/ldapcmp --host=10.x.x.x
> --username=administrator at test.domain --password=secretXX \
>                            --host2=10.x.x.x
> --username2=administrator at test1.domain --password2=XsecretXX DOMAIN
> A neat trick (working for now on Samba4) is that you can do searches
> anonymously so if DCs are Samba4 it looks like:
> # ./scripting/devel/ldapcmp --host=10.x.x.x --host2=10.x.x.x DOMAIN
> --
> Zahari Zahariev,
> Software Engineer, Cisco Systems,
> PPD & Installer team
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