NDR64 support is broken

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Sat May 8 01:47:30 MDT 2010

Kamen Mazdrashki schrieb:
> Hi Metze,
> Here are the sample ndr64 packets.
> With 'in' packets everything seems to be OK. But for 'out' packets dumping
> is broken.
> I am trying to dump data using ndrdump but it seems like
> either 'padding' is not handled correctly when parsing the beginning of the
> structure
> or switch values are 64 bit
> (btw, it work fine if I use ndr_pull_uint3264() to pull switch values, but
> this is most probably a good luck, rather than a fix)
> Can you give me hand with this please?

I think this one would fix the problem, but I need to do more tests
before we can push it to master.

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