Samba4 - Installed and appears to be operating - Errors with replication

Frank Gruman fgatwork at
Fri May 7 17:40:17 MDT 2010

I've finally completed a build and tested (with a previously noted
exception in smb2 tests on openSUSE) Samba "Version

I have joined an existing domain as a second domain controller based on
the HowTo from
This seems to have run fine until I get down to the replication test.
The result of "net drs showrepl neptune.mycompany.local" yields 

      * Password for [administrator]:
        DSA Options: (none)
        Site Options: (none)
        DSA object GUID: 301db10b-d76f-4507-a1ed-b6c932db6afd
        DSA invocationID: 803b9ba5-d443-4750-a547-4412d7609bc7
        ==== INBOUND NEIGHBORS ====
        DsReplicaGetInfo failed - WERR_DS_DRA_ACCESS_DENIED.
        return code = -1
        DsReplicaGetInfo() failed for
I am able to view the domain forest through the Active Directory Users
and Computers when specifying this new machine.  Unfortunately, if I
force a fail in the "primary" domain controller (power it down) I still
lose all domain account access (e.g. Exchange access is unavailable,
network drives that cannot be authenticated to, etc) rather than have
authentication roll over.  Am I missing something?

Despite this issue, this is really looking _very_ promising for some of
our infrastructure expansion plans.  You guys are doing an excellent


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