removing generated gen_ndr files from git master

tridge at tridge at
Mon May 3 23:54:19 MDT 2010

Nobody seemed to object to the removal of the gen_ndr files from git,
so I've put together a patch that does that. Apart from removing lots
of files, it also fixes the source3/ build to auto-build the IDL files
when you type make.

This involved two changes:

 1) a dependency on samba3-idl in the all Makefile target

 2) fixing the scripts (2 of them!) to look for the
 correct set of output files when deciding if a pidl run was needed

The changes are in my nogenerated branch at:


please try it. I'll also ask a few people in the hacking room at
SambaXP to try it, and if there doesn't appear to be any problems I'll
push to master later today.

Cheers, Tridge

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