SWAT User/Group Management

Ricardo Jorge rvelhote at gmail.com
Sun May 2 06:27:23 MDT 2010

Hi everyone.

This is mainly a question to Jelmer :). I will start working on the
User/Group Management part of SWAT this week and I would like to know
if Calin Crisan's User/Group Management tool [1], developed during
last year's GSoC, is a good starting point for me in terms of

Also, in terms of supported passdb backends, I'm not really sure on
what types are supported in Samba 4. I was reading about this in the
Samba 3 manual so I'm assuming that tdbsam and ldapsam are supported.
Will the Python API allow seamless usage of both backends? What I mean
is will they be accessed using the same methods.

Thank you.

[1] h--p://github.com/ccrisan/samba-gtk/tree/master/tools/ -- see pygwsam.py

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