domain dfs implementation for s4

Matthieu Patou mat+Informatique.Samba at
Sun May 2 03:27:21 MDT 2010

you can find here:, two 
patches for dfs implementation on s4.

With those patch + host msdfs =yes, I am able to correctly answer 
requests for sysvol and netlogon domain dfs (it has been tested with 
windows 7 and windows xp sp2).

Most of the infrastucture for domain DFS is implemented I have to decide 
where we will keep parameters like reply only for same site referral or 
least-expensive referral, or replying with the DCs of your site first.

Implementing other domain DFS is a bit more tricky because they are 
stored as blob in the AD and in order to create this blobs we have to 
implement more RPC so I didn't plan in a short term to implement them. 
Non domain DFS are not implemented as well although it shouldn't be to 
"front" port the s3 code (I'm not sure that there is much interest in 
doing so although s3 code seems not to care about site proximity).

What is left ?

* Randomize DCs withing a set of equal cost (ie. all the DC in the 
client site or all the DC that are in sites distant from 50 cost of the 
client's site)
* Get list of site sorted by cost and put DCs in sets according to costs
* pidl for the moment generate two aditionals null bytes at the end of 
the DC lists although the idl state this:
[relative_short] [flag(STR_NOTERM|NDR_REMAINING)] nstring_array 
* Code has no unit tests, leaks or too short lived are more than possible
* Some functions might need a split and some other might need to be 
moved in dsdb/common/util.c (or somewhere else)

In anycase your comments would be much welcome !


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