Upgrade provision error again

Rohit Rajan rohit.rajan at catalyst-us.com
Wed Jun 30 21:40:33 MDT 2010

I have checked and found that the "objectSid: 
S-1-5-21-2760325229-3840432484-2066034265-1101"  of DnsAdmins in 
clashing with the computer record in "/usr/local/samba/private/sam.ldb"

should i remove the DnsAdmins record from the referenceprovision sam.ldb??


On 6/29/2010 10:10 AM, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-06-29 at 08:52 +0530, Rohit Rajan wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I have received the following error while upgrading from Version
>> 4.0.0alpha12-GIT-5c98ccd to Git Pull "1e8876a  master     ->  origin/master"
>> _ldb.LdbError: (68, '../lib/ldb/ldb_tdb/ldb_index.c:1175: Failed to
>> re-index objectSid in CN=DnsAdmins,CN=Users,DC=XXXX,DC=com -
>> ../lib/ldb/ldb_tdb/ldb_index.c:1107: unique index violation on objectSid
>> in CN=DnsAdmins,CN=Users,DC=XXXX,DC=com')
> So, as it says:  Somehow in either the old or new provision (I'm not
> 100% sure), a duplicate SID has been added, but was not previously
> detected.
> Can you see if you can find the DnsAdmins record in the old DB and see
> if that might be the problem?
> Perhaps it's the recent DNS-related provision change causing problems?
> Andrew Bartlett

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