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laura youhanna laura.youhanna at bwaves.com
Wed Jun 16 03:13:51 MDT 2010



Please I need your help in my case.

Actually, we had installed samba_3_0_ctdb and ctdb last year to 3 clustered
nodes with GPFS file system and it is up and running. But now we want to
upgrade to latest versions and as we get a response from your side (in the
bug list) that all versions of samba since 3.3 will have cluster relevant

Now, we downloaded the ctdb version via this link existed on the web page:
git clone git://git.samba.org/sahlberg/ctdb.git ctdb . and the samba version
3.5.3 as recommended but we have some questions:

Will we have to uninstall the old versions thet running now and repeat all
the configurations regarding smb.conf, nfs and vsftp???

Is there any other way to upgrade them without reinstalling and compiling??

Is there any possibility in affecting the data stored in the shared GPFS

What is the version of ctdb that exists in previous link . can we know
before installing as regarding to your response samba3.5.3 is running
against ctdb1.0.112 or newer??


Thanks for your efforts in advance.



Laura Youhanna

System Engineer

ITbroadcast & MAM Dept.



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