Forcing Samba to recognize 15 char password

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Mon Jun 14 05:25:30 MDT 2010

On Sun, 2010-06-13 at 21:24 -0400, Yaqoob, Mohammad wrote:
> Hi, Anyone knows how to force samba on Solaris 9 to recognize 15 char
> password from windows client.  I have setup pdbedit as  "min password
> length" to 15, but unfortunately windows drive mapping doesn't work with
> 15 char password and works with first 8 char of the same 15 char
> password.  

So, it seems your unnamed Samba version again suffers from a very nasty
and well known bug in Solaris 9.

The problem is, Solaris will only return the first 8 characters of
getpass().  We have no test to detect this behaviour, but we do have a
configure test that determines if we have been able to compile a
replacement for it.

The problem is, on most other Unix like systems (including Linux), it
does not matter if this configure test passes or fails, as getpass() on
all other systems returns any length password (ie, more than 8 chars).
As such, any failure to compile our replacement may go unnoticed for a
long time.  Similarly, if your particular dev environment does not allow
us to compile a replacement for any reason, we will use the buggy system

Anyway, I would first suggest you try the latest Samba version (in case
someone fixed it).  Otherwise, you need to investigate why our getpass()
replacement won't compile on your system.

In the long term, if we want to fix this properly, we should test the
system getpass() to see if it returns more than 8 chars - and if not,
unconditionally compile the replacement code.  That way, we will either
have a working getpass(), or fail to build. 

Andrew Bartlett

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