iPad libsmbclient app

Ben Gould ben.gould at gmail.com
Sun Jun 13 08:43:14 MDT 2010


Due to the lack of connectivity choices on the iPad I've written a
small file transfer program to allow me to copy and then open
documents from network shares in my workplace.  At the moment the UI
is very basic; the features I need are there and I will be spending
the next fortnight tidying this up.

I would like to share it for free via the App Store, but I notice that
there have been some issues with GLPv3 software, the FSF and Apple
owing to the DRM clause in GPLv3 and the end-users inability to copy
software - resulting in software being removed.

Does anyone have any objections to publishing this?

Would samba.org like to host the source-code for this small app once
its ready for distribution?

Would samba.org like to be the publisher (in the App Store listing) of
this software?  My personal contribution is minimal...  yours isn't.

Please contact me off-list for further details, source-code or a
temporary binary and provisioning profile if you aren't a paid-up
iPhone developer and would like to test this on iPad.

-- ben

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