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Matthieu Patou mat at samba.org
Sun Jun 13 01:28:32 MDT 2010

On 13/06/2010 08:58, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> I've spoken to Jelmer and we are happy for any remaining issues to be
> corrected after this is merged.  You have waited too long to get this in
> the tree, and for that I'm sorry.
> As soon as you are ready, let me know where to pull the branch, and that
> it passes 'make test', and I'll push it.
Ok i'm not in moscow right now, and a few stuff need a bit of rework (I 
guess I had some fat finger while reorganizing the code).

>> Also concerning the msds-keyversionnumbet i'll go with the solution proposed by metze: one control to allow replmetadata to be specified. It also mean that we will need a control for bypassing operational module in order to read old msds-keyversionnumber.
> OK.  I'm still not sure it's worth the effort and complication however.
Well for the current problem I also have this impression, but in the 
same time I have the impression that we might soon need it anyway (for 
openldap to ldb conversion for instance) so it's better to do it 
correctly now, and also I rely on the kvno part for kerberized ssh  and 
I don't wan't to add the hassle of leave/join to my s3 servers.


Matthieu Patou
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