removing previously stored generated attributes

Matthieu Patou mat at
Thu Jun 3 23:53:00 MDT 2010


While trying to do it with msds-keyversionnumber I find the pb far from 
being trivial.

The thing is that with a given provision we have some attributes that 
are marked as automatically generated and that used to be stored in the 
A search with an "old" provision but new code will return the calculated 
attribute what ever the stored version is.
So to access to the stored version I have the impression that I should 
go without the modules and access the ldb at the low level.

Well accessing at low level is not such big problem I think, but if we 
want also to get rid of previously stored values we have also to remove 
old version.

I can really well remember andrew B. saying that this should not be done 
otherwise we have the risk to broke or mess indexes.
I suppose the risk is still valid in general, is it also still the case 
for attributes that are not fetched from the database ?

If so as I want to release a new version of upgradeprovision soon, is it 
acceptable to not remove old attributes (can be in next releases).


Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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