S3 plain text to encrypted password transition

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Thu Jul 29 00:46:00 MDT 2010

On Wednesday 28 July 2010 23:48:36 simo wrote:
> > This decision is a bit
difficult to make without seeing the
> > code changes that are blocked by
it. While it works and does
> > not conflict with anything else, I would say
keep it. If you
> > have something in the pipeline that would become
> >
significantly easier if it was dropped, I think we should
> > look more
closely at the benefits of having either.
> > 
> > Does that sound
> Yes, absolutely.
> I will let Andreas comment on that

I know that there are old clients, but this code is that a password
gets automatically migrated to a hashed password during login. If someone
wants to have this migrated, I think he probably did it in the past 9

Well the plan is to change the auth code to use samr/lsa/netlogon
instead of directly accessing passdb. If I have to migrate code and the
comment says this code should die and that 9 years ago, I prefer to ask if
this code is really needed anymore.

I can spend hours writing rpc code to
replace this function. To be sure it works I need to test it or write a
torture test. So I can spend a day replacing this functionality or ask if I
can cleanup the code which is probably dead since a long time.

So this is 1
day vs. 1 hour, the question is if it is worth to spend the


	-- andreas

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