How to add posixAccount class?

srikumar108 at srikumar108 at
Sun Jul 18 20:56:46 MDT 2010

Hi, I am trying out samba 4 for the first time. Version: pulled from source as described in the howto. Client: Win XP virtual guest. The basic stuff is working, I can join from Windows, kinit from command line, and ldapsearch w/GSSAPI is working. But, how to add posixAccount attributes to an user? I created a new user with 'net user add' command and tried to edit with ldbedit as well as ldapvi. As soon as I try to add objectClass: posixAccount, uidNumber/gidNumber etc., I am getting the following error:

failed to modify CN=test,CN=Users,DC=foo,DC=com - Object class violation (65)

I will be grateful for any help.

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