[PATCH SET] Refactoring of auth_ntlmssp

simo idra at samba.org
Sat Jul 17 13:08:51 MDT 2010

I have refactored a bit the way we deal with auth_ntlmssp in this tree:

The aim was to be able to always use ntlmssp_state instead of a mix of
ntlmss_state/auth_ntlmssp_state so that I can proceed with cleaning up
cli_pipe.c/srv_pipe.c and make more code common between them. The main
obstacle was the use of auth_ntlmssp_state vs ntlmssp_state.

If there are no objections I'd like to push the top most 15 patches to
master. It passes make test and make selftest.


Simo Sorce
Samba Team GPL Compliance Officer <simo at samba.org>
Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, Inc. <simo at redhat.com>

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