Validation on upgradeprovision patches needed

Matthieu Patou mat at
Sun Jul 11 07:53:54 MDT 2010

  On 11/07/2010 17:51, Matthieu Patou wrote:
>  Hello all,
> I would like the team to have a review on the style and on the 
> technical content
> * f8d2fbe s4 provision: move update_machine_account_password to helpers
> * 026a9f1 s4: Add a simple script to change dc password
> * bf637a0 s4: Unit test update_machine_account_password through kinit
> * 9eeaad4 ldb: allow ldb_sequence_number to be called in python
> * f1a3872 s4 dsdb: create a new control: changereplmetadata
> * 6546478 s4 dsdb: Use the changereplmetadata control
> * aa4edb7 s4 python: Add functions to samdb to manipulate version of 
> replPropertyMetaData attribute
> * daec974 s4 upgradeprovision: introduce a new function to update the 
> field use for calculating msds-keyversionnumber
> * 2a456c6 s4: Add unit test for increment_calculated_keyversion_number
> * 69d3e9d s4 upgradeprovision: fix whitespaces
> * e04981a s4 upgradeprovision: add function to backup the provision 
> before updating
> * 12d51e0 s4 upgradeprovision: do not copy RID Set it's automaticaly 
> created by the RID manager
> * 878f79a s4 upgradeprovision: Synchronize the calculated 
> keyversionnumber with the one previously stored
> * 0ac56a0 s4 ldb modules: relax some tests about attributes that 
> should not be here
> * 1820869 s4 upgradeprovision: Adapt the list of attribute modified
> They are related to add more unit tests to upgradeprovision function, 
> they also fix problems found with late changes in changes in the 
> samba4, they also introduce a full backup of the provision that is 
> upgraded just for the sake of cleaness.
> Finally there is also a couple of patches related to the resync of 
> msds-keybersionnumber between the version that used to be stored in 
> the database and the one that is now calculated from the version field 
> of unicodePwd in replPropertyMetaData.
> Those patches pass make test on my 32bit computer (not tried on a 
> 64bits), and I've been able to upgrade stock alpha8 to alpha11.
> I'm waiting for your comments or for your sign-off.
I forgot to say that this is available on my upgradeprovision-review 
branch on the;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/upgradeprovision-review


Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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