TDB corruptions

Mayuk De at
Sat Jul 10 04:32:52 MDT 2010

 Hi all,

We have been using samba 3.0.33 for some time now.
We notice that many a times tdb files get corrupted.

For instance, I happen to see the following case of tdb corruption many a

We have samba boxes as member server to a windows PDC.
some times I see that some users are not able to login to access the shares
on samba machine.
That same user look up was succesful earlier , but now it fails.
If I remove the idmap_cache.tdb (after stopping samba) the problems gets
solved for the time being.
But the problem arises again after some days.

I have read in "samba how to" guide that we should run tdbbackup regularly
to overcome this tdb
corruption problem.
But I was wondering if this tdb corruption problem appears less in more
recent versions of samba.

If indeed tdb corruption problem has been solved or minimized in recent
versions, then our organization
would probably decide to upgrade to the newer version.
Is there any particular patch which we can apply for solving or minimizing
the idmap_cache.tdb corruption?
(I had tried to search for such a patch but could not find any).

Also, I know similar questions might have been asked in several forums, but
i have not seen any replies to
those questions. So I had to ask here. Hoping to get some kind response.

Thanks in advance!


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