samba4 net join with pre-existing account

Sam Liddicott sam at
Fri Jul 9 10:56:32 MDT 2010

  Is it possible to have samba4 join a domain without providing the 
administrator password (as can be done on windows) by pre-creating the 
computer account before provisioning?

Normally I have my samba4 server join a domain with:

$ net join $WORKGROUP member --realm=$REALM -U Administrator

and provide a domain Administrator password

I read here:

that it should be possible to pre-create the computer account on the 
domain controller with something like:
c:\> netdom add $SAMBAHOST

(which works)
and then on the client:

The samba4 equivalent "net join" doesn't seem to have an option that 
doesn't require an administrator password.

Possibly samba3 "net ads" can handle this - but I recall that samba4 
"net join" uses netbios to join the domain instead of the rpc's used by 

I think I've now danced around the question; is the answer:
1. I need to bring "net ads" to samba 4
2. something else



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