problem with net oldjoin

kiran kumar cnvkiran at
Wed Jul 7 14:32:55 MDT 2010

We plan to run "winbindd" on a server for HTTP-Proxy Authentication
and so set "security = domain" in the smb.conf file. Based on samba
documentation, it seems its must to create machine account for this
server in Domain Controller using "net join -U administrator%password'
command before running winbindd. The problem with this is the
requirement of 'password' for creating the account.

Is it not possible to create machine account manually and then run
winbindd, instead of using 'net join'? Based on other information
available in the mailing list, I tried 'net rpc oldjoin' but it
returned "Failed to join domain". I'm using samba-3.4.4. Let me know
if there is a way to get this one working.

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