Extending torture_assert_* macros

Kamen Mazdrashki kamenim at samba.org
Mon Jul 5 07:34:49 MDT 2010

Hi list,
I want to introduce a torture_assert_*_fmt family of macros in torture.h,
which are to work much in the same way as DEBUG macro does.

I pushed first few commits in this direction here:

In order to achieve this I had to introduce new public function
- torture_format_msg_helper()
to be used to format messages just by passing (format_string, .... params)
(neither talloc_asprintf() nor asprintf() has such simplified interface)

The thing is that I don't quite like to introduce a whole new public
just to be able to format messages in torture_assert_* macros.
Does anyone has an idea how to achieve same effect without implementing new


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