systemFlags is calculated now ?

Matthieu Patou mat at
Sun Jul 4 16:06:47 MDT 2010

  Well I guess $subject says all.

My question cames after facings pbs in upgradeprovision like:

CN=Account Operators,CN=Builtin,DC=home,DC=matws,DC=net is different 
from the reference one, changed attributes: dn, systemFlags

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "./scripting/bin/upgradeprovision", line 1559, in <module>
   File "./scripting/bin/upgradeprovision", line 1204, in update_samdb
     schema, highestUSN)
   File "./scripting/bin/upgradeprovision", line 983, in update_partition
     provisionUSNs, names.invocation)
   File "./scripting/bin/upgradeprovision", line 911, in update_present
_ldb.LdbError: (1, 'Operations error (1)')

So we are trying to update systemFlags (and not dn because it will be 
removed just before the modify), and I get this message.

I have the impression that this attribute is removed from the request 
and this is the reason why I have the error.

Am I right ?


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