Employment: Samba/CIFS/AD open source opportunity

Garrett D'Amore garrett at nexenta.com
Sun Jul 4 00:34:26 MDT 2010

(I apologize if this is considered off topic -- I'm not sure where else
I could post this where it would be seen by the appropriate folks with
SMB/CIFS/AD expertise.  I promise not to repost -- and if there is a
better way to reach these individuals then I would welcome advice.)

I am looking for one or more engineers with expertise working with open
source kernels and the Microsoft SMB/CIFS/AD protocols (at the
implementation/code level) to join our team to help improve and support
an open source implementation of these protocols.  (We actually have two
such implementations, one based on Samba, and one that is more internal
to our kernel.  Both are 100% open source.  We are a company founded
upon and committed to further development of open source solutions.)

Interested parties should respond to me directly for more information. 


	-- Garrett D'Amore
	   Director of Engineering, Nexenta Systems, Inc.

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