"The server is unwilling to process the request"

Cam Thompson cam.thompson at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 11:50:37 MDT 2010

Hello list;

When I try to add a user or group to the S4 DC in the domain (with another
w2k3 controller) I get the error message "The server is unwilling to process
the request".  I can create users directly on the w2k3 dc and they will
replicate to samba4.  I can also modify user group membership on the S4
machine (thanks to Andrew, the memberOf= ldap attribute is now set for users
during a vampire) and that replicates to w2k3.

A quick google returned a bunch of results - this one here might be the most
help from what I could find:

" While creating/modifying an user, I get the following error "The server is
unwilling to process the request - Error Code : 80072035"

The possible reasons for this error could be:


   While setting the password, if the password complexity requirement as
   defined in the password policy is not met. For example, the password policy
   might state that the password should be alphanumeric and if the password
   specified do not comply this, you might get this error.

   When you try to remove a non-existing user object from a group.

   When your try to remove a user from his/her primary group.

   When modifying the SAM Account Name format for multiple users and when
   more than one user happen to have the same SAM Account Name."

I don't know if the above will help anyone, but I thought it might narrow
the search path a little.

debug level 6: http://pastebin.com/vagWwLKm
I have also attached the wireshark for this problem.

Any help or things to try will be greatly appreciated :)


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