Openldap Samba users can' be resolved by client computer

murat can tuna muratcantuna at
Thu Jul 1 10:16:40 MDT 2010

Hi all,

I have installed and configured samba and openldap on my server machine (ubuntu) and as my client machine (Fedora) everythings works fine but I can't login as a openldap samba user from my client computer. I have mounted /home directory of the server from my client but when I check permissions I noticed that there is written uid numbers instead of user names and when I write id "username" it says there isn't such user (Mine is written in german but it should be something like that) so my client computer works fine I can communicate with server and so but users can't be found. But there wasn't such problem before actually my problem was something completely different but as I was trying to fix that I made everything worde I guess. Can you please help me or show me a way to start checking because I am completely lost:)

Thanks in advace

Murat Can Tuna 
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