ldap and active directory configuration

Scott Grizzard scott at scottgrizzard.com
Thu Jul 1 06:14:20 MDT 2010

Google "ubuntu samba domain member server".  Also, you migtht want to use
OpenSuse instaed...it is a bit more intuitive for Windows power users than
Ubuntu, and easier to integrate into a Windows domain.

Scott Grizzard

On Jul 1, 2010 6:35 AM, "Malcolm Bodger" <M.Bodger at westminster.ac.uk> wrote:


I'm new to this list, so this is my first email.

I've installed Samba on a Ubuntu server and I want to share a file system,
but I don't want the filesystem to be public, I need users to authenticate
to access the shared file system.

My Ubuntu server is configured to accept user logins authenticating to our
LDAP server, so I thought this would be easy - how wrong can one be.
So, can anyone tell me how to get samba to authenticate users to ldap,
without making changes to the ldap server?

Or, would it be easier to user Active Directory?


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