[PATCH] DsReplGetInfo() for DS_REPL_INFO_REPSTO infoType

Erick Nascimento erick.nogueira.nascimento at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 15:47:17 MST 2010

Hi Tridge!

This is a patch for the implementation of DsGetReplInfo()
(MS-DRSR 4.1.13) for the DS_REPL_INFO_REPSTO infoType.

I have some questions, not exactly patch related:

On the torture test for DsGetReplInfo(), torture/rpc/dsgetinfo.c,
the request for the DRSUAPI_DS_REPLICA_INFO_OBJ_METADATA infoType returns
WERR_UNKNOWN_LEVEL (the right value, because samba doesn't that infoType
but the test stops at this infoType (it says expected WERR_OK), and
doesn't run the other ones. How can I make it continue and test the other
infoTypes ?

I've seen that someone (maybe you, I'm not right) modified
on dcesrv_drsuapi.c such that the user level must be at least
If so, that must be the same required level for other calls, for example
dcesrv_drsuapi_DsReplicaSync() and dcesrv_drsuapi_DsExecuteKCC(), right?

I'm having a problem running "repadmin <op> <samba-dc>" over my samba box
where op is "/kcc" or "/showrepl" or "/showrepl /repsto" or "/syncall".
Repadmin returns "failed with status 8453 (0x2105): Replication access was
denied." and samba prints "rpc_server/drsuapi/dcesrv_drsuapi.c:753:
Administrator access required for DsReplicaGetInfo" (but I'm running
repadmin with the Administrator user, I'm logged on the w2k8 machine with
domain admin and I've also tried passing the /u:SAMBADOM\Administrator and
/p:PASS parameters to repadmin).
Do you have any idea about that? Thanks.

Best Regards,

Erick Nogueira do Nascimento
Institute of Computing
Campinas State University
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