[PATCH] Document talloc with doxygen

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Thu Jan 28 19:20:05 MST 2010

Hi Andreas,

Sorry for the slow response!

 > You can take a look at the html output at:
 > http://www.cynapses.org/tmp/samba/talloc/

that layout is nice, thanks

 > I've integrated everything from the talloc homepage so that you can
 > replace the html file on talloc.samba.org with the documentation.

I don't think you have integrated all of the current information,
unless I've missed something. For example, in your html version the
description of talloc_free() function is here:


that description just says:

  Free a chunk of talloc memory.

      [in] 	ptr 	The chunk to be freed.

      0 on success, -1 on error. 

on the current talloc.samba.org page the talloc API is described in
the ascii "talloc guide" here:


in that guide we have quite a detailed description of talloc_free(),
under what conditions it can fail, what error messages it can produce
etc (see the text starting at line 113).

The same is true of talloc_steal() and some other functions.

I wonder if perhaps you used a old version of talloc_guide.txt in
building the html version?

Can you also tell me how I get a git clone of the source for this? I
haven't used gitorious before, and the web interface you referenced:

 > http://gitorious.org/samba/gladiac-wip/commits/talloc

doesn't seem to have a obvious link to a git URL. By clicking through
a few times I eventually got to
git://gitorious.org/samba/gladiac-wip.git, but a clone of that only
has a 'cmake' branch for all of Samba, and doesn't seem to contain the
documentation & web changes for talloc.

What's the magic incantation to get a git clone of this stuff from

Once we get the above sorted out we will then need to work out how we
will keep the documentation up to date if/when the API changes, or we
wish to expand on the explanation of a function. 

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