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Fri Jan 22 03:43:47 MST 2010

would make our life easier....after making our life slightly
temporarily difficult (separate source packages, make sure that things
properly move from one package to another, handle dependencies and

With the same point of view, I'd vote for this to happen after 3.5, so
in 3.6 or whatever it's called.

In Debian/Ubuntu, we would also certainly take this opportunity to
finally rename the "smbfs" package to "cifs-utils" as there is now
quite some time since "smbfs" actually only provides CIFS utilities

For the record, here is what we have currently in the "smbfs" package:

root at mykerinos:/var/log# dpkg -L smbfs                                                                                                                                             

(mount.smbfs is a transition wrapper for mount.cifs)

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