GUI installation wrapper - samba4 / openchange

Nazeem durgaheen0 at
Wed Jan 20 04:50:53 MST 2010

concerning dns I meant automatic dns configuration just like dcpromo..
Concerning the provisioning I was talking user provisioning.

Bugzilla from bradh at wrote:
> On Tuesday 19 January 2010 10:03:26 Nazeem wrote:
>> I think u should add dns configuration into it as well
> I'm not sure I understand. What do you mean by "dns configuration" in this 
> context? What task would you like to do here?
>> and u need to
>> communicate with the samba4 team and the openchange team to get more
>> information on it as there are scripts already design to do these
>> configuration maybe you can link your scripts to the scripts already
>> provided but to get a details analysis of it u need to communicate with
>> he
>> samba4 team and openchange team.
> I don't understand this either. If you mean "you should use the existing 
> python code for things like the samba provisioning or openchange 
> provisioning", then this is what my code does. Can you explain your
> concern?
>> Furthermore when I run make I am getting an error pyuic4: Command not
>> found
>> make: *** [] Error 127 and that on ubuntu 9.10
> You don't have PyQt4 installed correctly for some reason. Perhaps some 
> development packages are not installed? 
> Brad

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