[NT ACLS] Using the security.* namespace for NTACL considered improper

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Wed Jan 20 01:19:28 MST 2010

simo schrieb:
> Tridge, Jeremy,
> I was following discussions on #samba-technical today and it came up
> that we have started using security.NTACL as the namespace where to
> store NT ACLs.
> Talking with Christoph Hellwig he said that security.* should *not* be
> used as it is reserved for LSM modules (like SeLinux).
> Looking at man 5 attr this is briefly hinted indeed, and after further
> discussion it became clear that we should used the trusted.* namespace
> instead as this is what the man page says about it:
>         Trusted  extended  attributes  are  visible and accessible only
>         to processes that have the CAP_SYS_ADMIN capability (the super
>         user  usually has  this  capability).  Attributes in this class
>         are used to implement mechanisms in user space (i.e., outside
>         the kernel) which keep information in extended attributes to
>         which ordinary processes should not have access.
> I think we should comply, and start moving NTACL to from security.NTACL
> to trusted.NTACL as soon as possible, before it get widely used.
> What do you think ?

With trusted.* we need a become_root() each time we want to read the
security descriptor.

I think security.* is better because in future someone can implement
a kernel module for them, there's already a start of such a module in
the lorikeet svn tree.


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