userParameters attribute

Michael Ströder michael at
Thu Jan 14 08:56:59 MST 2010

tridge at wrote:
> Following on from our discussion of the userParameters attribute in
> AD, I found that if I set the fields in the 'session' tab for a user
> (eg. the "active session limit") then windows creates a userParameters
> attribute. 
> Here is an example:
> dn: CN=testuser1,CN=Users,DC=vsofs8,DC=com
>  CAgUAsaCAFDdHhDZmdQcmVzZW5045S15pSx5oiw44GiIAIBQ3R4V0ZQcm9maWxlUGF0aOOAsBgCAU
>  N0eFdGSG9tZURpcuOAsCICAUN0eFdGSG9tZURpckRyaXZl44CwEggBQ3R4U2hhZG9344Sw44Cw44C
>  w44CwLggBQ3R4TWF4RGlzY29ubmVjdGlvblRpbWXjgaXjjLnjkLDjgLAoCAFDdHhNYXhDb25uZWN0
>  aW9uVGltZeOAtOOct+aIseOAsBwIAUN0eE1heElkbGVUaW1l44Gj45yy46Sw44CwIAIBQ3R4V29ya
>  0RpcmVjdG9yeeOAsBgIAUN0eENmZ0ZsYWdzMeOAsOOBpuOYsuOAuCICAUN0eEluaXRpYWxQcm9ncm
>  Ft44Cw
> With this example it does replicate correctly to Samba with your
> latest changes, but I think it would be worth asking dochelp to see
> how we should parse the attribute. Otherwise we could not offer any
> admin tool to manipulate it.
> Once we know the format we'll also know if its ever possible that it
> contains something that won't parse as UTF8.

The only web page I found so far when looking at it a couple of months ago:

AFAIK this attribute can store arbitrary blobs which are application-specific
(e.g. terminal services).

Ciao, Michael.

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