[PATCH] s4-drs: Store uSNUrgent for Urgent Replication

Fernando J V da Silva fernandojvsilva at yahoo.com.br
Thu Jan 14 03:20:31 MST 2010

Hi Tridge!

> I've also fixed up the DRS option bit defines, so
> DRSUAPI_DRS_SYNC_URGENT should now be correct for the drepl_notify.c
> code.

Thanks! I've also sent an e-mail message to Microsoft Interoperability
Documentation Help asking them to confirm that set of bits for
DRS_OPTIONS as we talked on our last meeting. Once they answer me, I
may create another separate patch with the correct values for the
other bits as well.

> Will you do a patch to add that bit for urgent notifies? The changes
> should be quite simple:
>  - add an urgent bool to struct dreplsrv_op_notify_state
>  - add a urgentUSN argument to dreplsrv_schedule_notify_sync()
>  - fill in the bit on the wire

Thanks for the advices! I've been testing it here right now and I hope
to send such patch soon!

> Then as a separate patch it would be good to add a testsuite for this
> if we can.

Ok! I'm going to work on that testsuite too!

Best Regards,

Fernando J V da Silva
M Sc Computer Science Student
Institute of Computing, State University of Campinas
+55 15 8801-2165

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