GUI installation wrapper - samba4 / openchange

Brad Hards bradh at
Wed Jan 13 03:00:12 MST 2010

In the interest of trying to make it easier to provision the samba4 and 
openchange servers, I've knocked up a GUI (using PyQt4), based on the sort of 
capabilities that dcpromo provides. It can currently get enough information to 
set up a samba4 domain controller. It gets the information required to set up 
openchange and configure users as well, but doesn't do that yet.

You can grab the tarball (20kbytes) from:
(run make before starting the tool)

I'd appreciate any feedback on this. Should we ship it with openchange?  Is 
the logic correct? Are there other roles that we can configure?

In terms of implementation:
1. is there a way to set the admin username with the samba provision code?
2. looks like we'd need to install the openchange python provision code.
3. lack of progress reporting is a problem that I'm not yet able to resolve.


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